About NILD Philippines

NILD was established in 1982 in the Norfolk, Virginia, USA as a non-profit organization to meet the needs of students with learning difficulties through a unique program of educational therapy. In 2002, the first training for educational therapy was held in Manila, Philippines organized by medical practitioners and educators.


What is NILD Educational Therapy™?


NILD Educational Therapy is an individualized intervention for students with learning disabilities that focuses on strengthening their areas of deficient functioning. The goal of NILD Educational Therapy is to help students develop tools of independent learning in the classroom and in life. 

Students in NILD Educational Therapy receive two 80-minute sessions of intensive one-on-one therapy per week. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to stimulate students’ specific areas of perceptual and cognitive difficulty and to strengthen their overall ability to think. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling, math and thinking skills. Compensatory techniques are avoided. 


NILD Distinctives


NILD uses interactive language and dynamic intervention to develop core academic skills and higher order processing through:


v       explicit and intentional instruction

v       inductive reasoning and Socratic questioning

v       guided practice and systematic feedback

v       self-regulation and transfer



To learn more about NILD and

NILD Educational Therapy,

please visit www.nild.org 



For more information please contact:


NILD Secretariat

69 A1 C. Salvador  Street, Varsity Hills, Loyola Heights,

Quezon City, Philippines 1108